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Bringing REPRESENTATION into the world most disruptive industries 

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Our cannabis brand will be the First Black-Male Owned, 50% women-led, vertically integrated Social Equity Cannabis company in the City of Long Beach, CA ; with licensed activities in Cultivation, Manufacturing, and Distribution. 

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We are excited about our streaming platform Inclusive TV, which holds thousands of hours of content from series, films, news, music, and podcast focused on Culture, Gender, LGBTQ, and Disability representation. 

Inclusive TV is FREE and 100% ad supported with a domestic and global reach. 

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Our brand ReCIRC is the World's First Black-Owned Certified B Corporation in Sustainable Packaging.  

Our utility patented zero-waste packaging allows consumers for the first time to access the "last drop" of their products once it stuck at the bottom of the bottle. 

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